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Crass and degrading Pot Noodle ad banned An ad for Pot Noodle that showed a picture of a bikiniclad model next to a spicy variant of the snack and posed the question which one gets you hotter? has been been banned for being crass and degrading. Feb 18, 2012 An adult advert for Pot Noodle that was banned for calling itself" The slag of all snacks". Pot Noodle's controversial adverts using the line" The slag of all snacks" have been banned from appearing on TV after more than 300 viewers complained.

Fired FBI boss Andrew McCabe signs book deal to castigate Trump as a threat to public safety and reveal their 'troubling and bizarre' conversations he plays a 'ring boy' in the Pot Noodle ad 10.

30am: Pot Noodle has been barred from showing its latest ad before 9pm after a flood with complaints, writes Claire Cozens. " Degrading" Pot Noodle Facebook Ad Banned. The solution, of course, to this kind of thing is an easy one: don't let anyone who eats Pot Noodle take your top off, ever. A philosophy that we're A Pot Noodle advert comparing a seminaked woman to the snack has been banned for being 'crass and degrading Two other ads, including this one of a woman stripping, were cleared by the watchdog Apr 01, 2014 Banned Pot Noodle Advert Ace of Spades Duration: 1: 25.

Pot Noodles Heston Blumenthal style Duration: 3: 04. Pot Noodle Doner Kebab TV advert Duration: In a surprise twist similar to the one in the advert itself, it turns out that the 17yearold lad who dons a skimpy ringboy outfit in the new Pot Noodle ad actually used to be a boxer himself!

An Internet ad for the Unileverowned ramen brand Pot Noodle was banned for comparing women to the cheap, dehydrated snack. The gist of it, which can still be seen here, was featured on the For some people, Pot Noodles are the king of lunchtime snacks; others might feel it's a food pariah that should be sent on the fast track to hell's kitchen.

However Watchdog bans Pot Noodle 'slag' advert 12: 01AM BST 19 Aug 2002 A television advertisement for a snack has been banned by the Independent Television Pot Noodle are so good at evoking buzz through controversythey even had an advert banned! That ad had featured former miners making Pot Noodles underground, the

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