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Summary: Book 16. Meanwhile, Patroclus goes to Achilles tent and begs to be allowed to wear Achilles armor if Achilles still refuses to rejoin the battle himself.

Achilles declines to fight but agrees to the exchange of armor, with the understanding that Patroclus will fight only long enough to save the ships. That's because, even though the Iliad is over 2, 000 years old, the story it tells is even older. Way back in the Bronze Age, when the Iliad takes place, people went by the This lesson focuses on Book 16 of 'The Iliad' by Homer. The battle rages on between the Trojan and Achaean forces, and Patroclus devises a scheme Achilleus makes fun of him for crying, but Patroklos defends himself.

The iliad book 16 shmoop tells off Achilleus for being a jerk, and asks for permission to lead the Myrmidons into In this book, Idomenus says that not even Achilles could force Great Ajax back in close combat, although overall Achilles is by far the greater warrior. Book 14: Summary: Nestor, resting back by the ships, hears the cries of battle and watches as the Trojans seem to gain the upper hand.

He runs to fetch Agamemnon, who is recovering from In the 16th book of Homer's Iliad, Zeus seems destined to fulfill his promise to Achilles' mother, Thetis, to give glory to Achilles.

Summary of Iliad Book XVI Search the site GO Analysis: Books 2122 In this section of the epic, the feuds of the gods continue to echo the battles of the mortals. As the human battles become ever more grave, however, the divine conflicts in these episodes seem ever more superfluous. Jul 13, 2016 Summary and analysis of Book 16 of Homer's Iliad, with a focus on Patroclus' pride, lust for glory, and death. My blog: Please help The deaths of Sarpedon and Patroklos in this book introduce an elegiac tone into the last part of the Iliad, as the characters that the reader sees as sympathetic are killed.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Iliad, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Analysis: Books 56 The battle narratives in Books 5 and 6 (and the very end of Book 4 ) constitute the epics first descriptions of warfare, and, within the war as a whole, the first battles in which the sulking Achilles has not fought. Jul 13, 2016 Summary and analysis of Book 18 of Homer's Iliad, with a focus on the shield of Achilles.

The Iliad by Shmoop Duration: 3: 13. The Iliad by Homer Book 16 Summary& Analysis Duration: Jul 13, 2016 Summary and analysis of Book 9 of Homer's Iliad, with a focus the theme of forgiveness. My blog: Please help support this channel: h Menelaos gets in a fight with Euphorbosthe first man to spear Patroklos in Book 16over Patroklos's body.

Menelaos kills Euphorbos and starts stripping off his gear, but then backs down in the face of stronger Trojan numbers. Oh yeah, and he also recognizes that the god Apollo is aiding Hektor.

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