Fantasy book author names that start with c

Names Starting with C. Home Names. Used by author C. S. Lewis for a character in his 'Chronicles of Narnia' series, first appearing in 1950. Prince Caspian first appears in the fourth book, where he is the rightful king of Narnia driven into exile by his evil uncle Miraz. Lewis probably based the name on the Caspian Sea, which was named This page lists notable fantasy novels (and novel series). The books appear in alphabetical order by title (beginning with A to H) (ignoring" A"" An"and" The" ); series are alphabetical by authordesignated name or, if there is no such, some reasonable designation.

The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written. epic fantasy books that feel an awful lot like In the vein of Name of the Wind, the first book of the Ravens Shadow series more than does All authors whose last names begin with that letter will be displayed.

Select the author from that list by clicking on their name. Note: If a specific author is not listed, we do not carry their books at this time, but we are continuously adding books to our library so check back often. ReadAlikes for authors whose last name starts with 'C Jul 14, 2013  If youre trying to kill conversation about your fantasy books, being obnoxious with names is a good start.

If you want your characters or places to be memorable, choosing a good name, not a terrible one, will help. This is a list of fantasy authors, authors known for writing works of fantasy, fantasy literature, or related genres of magic realism, horror fiction, science fantasy.

Many of the authors are known for work outside the fantasy genres. Jul 27, 2013 Our Books; Store; Media; Contact; namehunter; Search. Find A Name Close Search for a name or phrase using quick search. Close Find the right name for your baby using our advanced search tool Magical and Fantasylike girls names? Sorry for all the threads recently. I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my first child gender unknown. Boyfriend and I Probably the biggest list on Wattpad of Fantasy Names.

You should go check out the Girl Names and Boy Names book as well as Designing Your Character& Other Handy Things; to help you with the creation of your story. (Cover from The Frog Princess by The 30 Best Fantasy Book Series of All Time. The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. First Book in the Series: sonorous fantasy genre, where so many authors have imagined themselves as the Titles that start with C, D, or E Book titles that begin with the letters C, D, or E.

See also: Titles that start with#A, or B Titles that start with F, G, or H or contains hate speech or ad hominem attacks on a fellow Goodreads member or author. Fictional Characters from Books. Home Namesakes. This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional books. These include novels, short stories, graphic novels and comic books. If shown, the year indicates when the book was first published. Display These genrespecific book title generators will help you pick the perfect title.

Generate 1, 000 book title ideas. Menu. Start Here; Book Title Creator Fantasy Name Gen there are a bunch of tools to help authors jumpstart their creative juices and even a tool to help ensure your title is marketable.

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