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Appropriate age for Harry Potter series: Start Book 1 (Sorcerer's Stone) sometime around 1113 years old, as a readaloud book. Do not just hand it to your kid. These books should be enjoyed together and discussed.

Question: What age do you feel it is appropriate to start reading Harry Potter to kids? Thank you. Genevieve Answer: Fun question, Genevieve! Since Harry Potter is just turning 11 as the first book starts, Ive found my kids in the 913 age range relate to Is the 4Th Harry Potter Book Appropriate for a 3Rd Grader?

Updated on October 07, 2008 J. S. asks from Gulf Shores, AL on October 05, 2008 18 answers. My son is begging to read the 4th Harry Potter Book, the Goblet of Fire. Right Age for Harry Potter. 21 At What Age Did You Let Your Kids Read or Watch Harry Potter? 27 More Questions All children should read Harry Potter books by 11, says minister Onein10 boys aged 11 has a reading age no better a sevenyearold.

Style Book. Weather Forecast For the sevenyearold who started the books back when the series began in 1997, the material continued to be age appropriate up until the very last book.

So when is the magic age to read Harry Potter? In general, kids like to read about characters a couple of years older than them. In the case of Harry Potter, the main character How to Find AgeAppropriate Books for Advanced Readers These days, he's reading well above grade level, savoring the adventures of Harry Potter and The Hobbit.

He's now able to read just about anything, and that's been a source of unqualified pride and delight for both of you. Check out reviews, book covers, and publishers' Web sites The topic of which age you should let your child read each Harry Potter book keeps circling around in my life, and I decided to throw up my thoughts here in case they are helpful to anyone else. Nov 08, 2013  ChildProofing Harry Potter As soon as we finish the first book, Emmett wants to jump into the second.

His pleas are as unrelenting as before, but this time we resist. Harry Potter will come, and I still look forward to the day when well read it with him. My eagerness to share it with him hasnt dimmed, only my impatience.

What Age Is Harry Potter Appropriate? ? ? Updated on October 12, 2009 any age appropriate books that is. I personally love the Harry Potter books, as well as the Lord of the Rings, Eragon series, etc. I do think Lord of the rings is too young for your girls, and I hate that she had nightmares. The first Harry Potter book is harmless. I Jan 04, 2009 what is the minimum age you think harry potter is appropriate for?

My cousin has a seven year old soon whose interested in harry potter. Hes a good enough reader to read them, and if the last couple are too long, my cousin says she would read them aloud to him. May 05, 2012 I strongly feel that especially book 7 is not appropriate for anyone under about age 14. reply flag message 18: by Jessica (last edited Mar 27, no age is too young to begin the Harry Potter series, and you will find it to be a memory making experience for both you& your child.

reply flag Common Sense Media editors help you choose Harry Potter Book Series. All of J. K. Rowling's magical novels, plus a few bonus books. Get ageappropriate ideas and inspiration for every interest: Best Movies for Kids; Best Games for Kids; Harry Potter AgebyAge Guide.

When is Your Kid Ready for Harry Potter? A Guide for Getting Started. by Jen Harper January 21, 2016 at 11: 00 am What do you think is the right age to start Harry Potter?

Tags: age appropriate, ages and stages, book nerds, harry potter, the reading life. Share. I know this will vary from child to child, but in general what is a good age at which they will not be scared and understand most of the story. What other books would indicate that a child is ready to start having Harry Potter read to them by a parent? Our six year old boy loved E. B. White's 'The T

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