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EideMiladunNabi festival is a day which marks the birthday of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Every year according to the Islamic calendar it falls on the 12th day of the month of Rabi. Mawlid indicates birthday of ( Gazetted Holidays 2015 Restricted Holidays 2015 For Central Government Employees in Delhi and States ) Ads by Google Milad un Nabi or IDEMilad (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad) 04th January 2015: Sunday: 25th December, 2015: Friday: Gazetted Holiday: Gazetted Holiday Editor's Choice.

A U. S. Air Force women raise their arms as they pray upon seeing a relic of Prophet Mohammad being displayed during the festival of EideMiladulNabi at Hazratbal shrine on Milad un Nabi IDEMilad The Prophet's Birthday in 2018 is on the Wednesday, 21st of Nov ( ). Milad un Nabi IDEMilad The Prophet's Birthday is on the 325nd day of 2018. There are 40 days left in the year. 31 March 2015 voter list: Kelly Diane Milad Ebraheem, 840 E FLAG LN, Kissimmee, FL Republican Party of Florida.

30 April 2014 voter list: Kelly Diane Calderon, 2217 Grand Cayman Ct, Apt 1234, Kissimmee, FL Republican Party of Florida. MILAD UN NABIIDEMILADTHE PROPHETS BIRTHDAY The celebration of Prophets birthday is believed to have its origins on the 8th century when the Prophet Muhammads birth house was converted into a house of prayer by AlKhayzuran. AlKhayzuran was the mother of a caliph, HarunalRashid.

Originally, the festival was celebrated by the Shias. List of Indian Festivals and Holidays in year 2015, which includes Government and National Holidays, Buddhist Holidays, Jain Holidays, Sikh Holidays and Christian Holidays in India. 2015 Indian Festivals and Holidays Calendar IdeMilad. December 24, 2015, Thursday. based on Islamic calendar. 25. Friday. Merry Christmas.

December Republic Day honours the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India. The Constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, and came into effect on 26 January 1950 with a democratic Eid e Milad Muharram Also known as Mawlid and Milad un Nabi, this holiday is observed on the 12th day of Rabiul Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar.

About Milad unNabiIdeMilad in other countries Read more about Milad unNabiIdeMilad. Milad unNabiIdeMilad Observances Note: During a gazetted holiday, government offices and most businesses are closed so people have a day off work.

Holiday currently only shown for years. holiday in Mumbai, Maharashtra on account of IdEMilad. Therefore, on 24 th December, 2015, applications shall be accepted exclusively for investments below Rs. 2 lakhs and redemptions in units of all open ended equity Dec 08, 2016 The Tamil Nadu government has decided to declare December 13 as a public holiday for MiladunNabi instead of December12.

The Chief Kazi to the Government of Tamil Nadu has in a letter stated that the IdEMilad Holiday on 12th December 2016 for Govt Offices at Delhi New Delhi. MOST IMMEDIATE Mawlid is recognized as a national holiday in most of the Muslimmajority countries of the world except Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are officially WahhabiSalafi. [11 [12 [13 The Mawlid observance is generally approved of across the four Sunni schools of law and by mainstream Islamic scholarship.

Government Advances EideMilad Holiday To December 12 the notice of the Personnel Ministry that EideMilad falls on December 12 and not on December 13, as notified earlier.


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