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HOUSHANG GOLSHIRI ( ) was a master stylist who wrote dense, elliptical prose, often with a (more or less) disguised political content. He edited an influential literary journal and in 1968 was a founder of the Iranian Writers Association, a group that protested governmental censorship and worked for the basic rights of writers. by Houshang Golshiri Report this Page. A Collection of Short Fiction Set in Iran both under the Shah and after the Revolution, the stories in Black Parrot, Green Crow convey a strong feeling for the time and place of Jun 12, 2000 Houshang Golshiri, one of Iran's leading secular writers and a prominent advocate of free speech and human rights in his homeland, died on June 5 in Tehran.

He was 63 and lived in Tehran. The cause was meningitis, said a friend, Abbas Milani, who teaches at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, Calif. Houshang Golshiri was an Iranian fiction writer, critic and editor. He was one of the first Iranian writers to use modern literary techniques, and is recognized as one of the most influential writers of Persian prose of the 20th century. Hushang Golshiri, Iranian writer and political activist (born, Esfahan, Irandied June 5, 2000, Tehran, Iran), was a prominent figure in Persian secular literature, but his fiction was banned inside Iran from 1979; his significant works, most of which were smuggled out of Iran and published elsewhere, included Shazdeye Ehtejab (1968; Across more than three decades, Hushang Golshiri, who has died aged 63, produced some of the finest novels and short stories in recent Iranian history.

In turbulent times, he was also pulled, unwillingly, into politics, organising writers against the Shah's censorship and that of the current Islamic government. Books by Houshang Golshiri Houshang Golshiri Average rating 3. 72 6, 828 ratings 554 reviews shelved 13, 322 times Showing 30 distinct works. Golshiri was the most famous person in Iran for teaching writing (ShortStory and Novel).

In my opinion he was trying to find the best formation and narration for each of his stories. That's why he is one of my favorite authors. The Literary Heritage of a Whale In addition to short stories and novels, Golshiri wrote a screenplay, Twelve Rooks, and edited a new publication of Saadis Golestan A look at Houshang Golshiris works sixteen years after his death In the latter, Golshiri captures with uncanny poignancy the dying gasps of an anguished man, cursed with the power of memory, overladen with the weight of a dehumanizing past (Milani, King of the Benighted and the Poetics of Persian Culture).

From the Golshiri foundation website Writer, critic and editor, Hooshang Golshiri, the prominent Iranian literary figure, published his first collection of short stories, As Always, in 1958. His second book, a short novel, Prince Ehtejab (1959) brought him fame and was later made into an internationally acclaimed film (1974). Buy The Prince By Houshang Golshiri, in Very Good condition. Our cheap used books come with free delivery in the UK.

ISBN: The Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award is an Iranian literary award notable for being one of the few literary awards in Iran that is run by a nongovernmental organization. Established in 2000, the award is sponsored by the nonprofit Golshiri Foundation. The award focuses on modern contemporary Iranian literature. Amazon. com: Black Parrot, Green Crow ( ): Hushang Gulshiri, Houshang Golshiri, Moayyad Heshmat: Books

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